CAIM Yachting strives to achieve the top standard marine technology by providing access to the highest level of available technologies. We are world leaders in high performance of marine electronics for pleasure crafts, commercial and superyachts.


We constantly adapt and innovate to industry standards to deliver the best in class technology and intelligent navigation systems.




We provide the latest generation of bridge instruments to create powerful and versatile systems that meet your needs.

We provide the integration of navigation instruments with all yacht sensors (wind, speed, direction, boatspeed, water, depth and water temperature).

Instruments as transducers black boxes, autopilots chartplotters and multifunction displays provide the most value when they can communicate with each other. Our team is specialized in building network in NMEA2000 protocol. Moreover, we can provide assistance with networking the whole boat and in finding solutions with older or proprietary protocols (Seatalk,Nmea0183….).



We offer powerful advanced custom satellite, mobile, Wi-Fi, VOIP, voice and internet communication solutions with optimized network distribution. We aim to offer the most updated technology available, and provide dedicated and high level suite of communication services.



CAIM offers a tailored audiovisual integration service that delivers innovative solutions, keeping you online, in touch and entertained. 

We create state-of-the-art projects with designs that take into account the restrictions and working environment of each installation. Each system is designed in house with its own cable drawings to make sure that all the instruments are integrated perfectly within the craft design. 


We are authorised distributors of