Sign Maker

CAIM Sign Maker is a leader in the design and manufacture of  all maritime and terrestrial signs. We create signs and markings to satisfy every owner and shipyard’s need for design and safety. Our staff offers support on projecting and creating comprehensive and clear signs for every area of the ship. Our employees are trained in following the project from the design to the delivery turn key.



IMO Symbols

CAIM signs are designed to satisfy the regulations IMO and ISO. With a wide range of materials, measures and printing methods, we can offer a complete one stop shop for onboard signs. 
ISO 17631 requires the use of fire plans symbols and booklets for new and existing significant vessels. These symbols are currently intended solely on fire plans, but in response to industry requests, they are offered as signs to identify actual equipment where no standard sign is available.


Training Posters

We design and produce bespoke informative, training and educational posters to conform to the regulations requirements, and inform on safe behaviors and practices. 


Fire Plans

Accessories for your fire plan: fire plan holders and pictograms used for Fire Plans compiling.
Each firefighting item should be marked with the appropriate symbol. Where various types of equipment are stored in one location, “Fire Point” signal may be used.
When equipment is stored in a recess or cupboard, a panoramic sign, mounted well above head height, should be used to enable the equipment to be identified from a distance.
All lift and elevator entrances should be marked with signs warning that they are not to be used in event of fire.



Marking Tapes for every need. From Pipe marking compliant with ISO regulation 14724 and BS 1710 to wayfinding tape certified for Low Location Light and Anti Slippery and ISPS barrier tapes.
Please consult our Catalogues for more in depth information. 


Customized Decorative Signs

We are specialized in production and projection of decorative signs for passenger vessels and yachts. We deliver turn- key projects followed by our staff from the initial idea to the installation.  We combine material with different printing technologies, and engraving techniques to create a captivating design.