Paper Charts & Publications

Paper Charts

Paper Charts

We are the official international distributors for nautical charts issued by the following Hydrographic Offices:

  • United Kingdom Hydrographic Office
  • Italian Hydrographic Office
  • DMA Hydrographic Office

Our stock has worldwide coverage, and our professionally skilled Chart Correction Department keeps it fully up-to-date in accordance with the weekly Notice to Mariners information. Charts are always available and ready for dispatch with our POD (Print On Demand) service.

Furthermore, we carry stocks of corrected US, Australian & New Zealand Charts, and we can supply charts from any other Hydrographic Office.

Additionally, we offer a wide range of maintenance services for paper charts for the following categories:

  • Thematic Charts
  • Routeing Charts
  • Leisure Folios

Paper Publications

Paper Publications

We have a large selection of “ready-to-ship” paper publications from various International Institutional vendors.

We provide worldwide coverage of Nautical and Technical publications, including:

  • IMO publications (conventions, recommandations, codes, etc.)
  • ADMIRALTY Astronomical Almanacs
  • ADMIRALTY Collection
  • Tide/Current Tables
  • Sailing Directions
  • Distance Tables
  • Radio Signals
  • List of Lights

Furthermore, we are the Sole Appointed Agent for all R.I.N.A. Publications.
We offer a high-standard service for managing ADMIRALTY Publications called “CAIM Binder Service.” This solution allows mariners to reduce the burden of work that comes with the manual correction of the ADMIRALTY List of Lights and List of Radio Signals brings. The service supplies weekly replacement pages for the publications initially provided in binder format. The replacement pages are supplied as new corrected pages already perforated to fit into the binder.
Moreover, we are appointed as the official distributors for all standard publications from the following prestigious publishers:

Initial Supply

Initial Supply

We can provide your new built with a tailored library of nautical charts and publications to ensure that your vessel is in full compliance with inspection purposes, based upon:

  • Company Safety Management Procedures as Required by ISM
  • Trading Routes
  • Flag State
  • Ship Type

We provide the newly built vessel with the initial stock of up-to-date supplies and a customized correction log, presented in our binder format to monitor new editions and ISM compliance.

Transit Folios

We can offer new buildings a separate transit folio, which can be used by the vessel to transit from the shipyard to its assigned trading area. The same transit folio will be maintained until required by subsequent units.

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