Ecdis & Planning Station

ECDIS & Planning Station

The maritime industry is evolving, and electronic solutions are chosen more and more. CAIM supports the shipowner and shipping company with the digital transition, ensuring a safe and compliant voyage.

Here at CAIM, we propose various solutions for our customers:

  • ECDIS900, our own IMO-type approved ECDIS
  • NaviGate, our in-house built software that helps with all the phases of voyage planning


The combination of cutting-edge technology and the demands of modern navigation has resulted in creating a sophisticated and convincing simulator.

Our simulator allows training in standard procedures and emergencies, letting the user develop professional skills and consolidate previously obtained theoretical knowledge. Our simulator uses our ECDIS900 software.


  • Liquid Cargo Handling
  • Lifeboat Operations
  • Bridge Operations
  • Engine Room

Modern marine simulators cover practically every aspect of modern ship operation, including:

  • Communications/GMDSS, VTS
  • HV Electric Panels And Switch
  • Deck Helicopter Operations
  • Crisis Management/Fleet
  • Formation Management

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