ECDIS & Navigation

For 70 years, CAIM has dedicated its efforts to supply the maritime market with Paper Charts and Official Publications.

A constant focus on the Customers’ needs with top quality support and services is the key factor of CAIM’s success.

New data, new regulations and technologies require advanced and dedicated services.



NaviGate is a tool to manage and display most of the required navigational data for a safe and compliant navigation. NaviGate is UKHO Pay As You Sail Certified and is an UKHO Official Paper Charts and Publications Corrections Manager.

Its Notice to Mariners service is approved by many Flag States, as well as UKHO and MCA.


Its main features:


NaviGate Route Planner is a perfect complementary planning station to your ECDIS. Displaying all necessary data without cluttering the ECDIS screen, the navigator can plan his route according to ECDIS requirements and order all navigational data necessary for a safe and compliant voyage.

Outfit Management

Built from our long experience in developing the CMS Outfit and Chart Management System and using latest software development technologies, NaviGate provides the navigator with a tool to manage and display most of the required navigational data for a safe and compliant navigation.


NaviGate provides full weather for all your needs in high quality data delivered by EPSON. NaviGate also provides operational JCOMM official bulletins for each MetArea country, with most relevant forecast information useful for navigating officers in every day routines.

Back-Office solution

Together with NaviGate, a back-office solution is provided, called NaviServer. It guarantees a safe monitoring of the fleet including tracking, holdings status and active services.

Custom Features

• NavArea
• ADP Official Services
• Route Optimization
• Pay As You Sail




Born from the pre-existing MARIS ECDIS-900, the CAIM ECDIS 900 is an IMO-type approved navigation system, designed for use aboard SOLAS vessels subject to ECDIS carriage mandates.

Easy to use with a standard Windows PC Interface, the ECDIS900 delivers precise navigation with comprehensive route planning and optimization tools, integrated chart management and ordering, radar overlay, and optional, customizable conning display.

Choosing our ECDIS solution, a lifetime warranty will be guaranteed, and our 24/7 support will be available for the whole duration of your subscription.


Why Choose ECDIS with CAIM?

As navigation experts, our aim is to offer a simple and easy to use system. CAIM wants to guarantee to its clients an always increasing safe navigation. Choosing our ECDIS solution, you will become our partner: this creates a transparent environment and no surprise costs.

Our rental solution offers a key benefit: rather than an initial huge investment and different extra costs during ECDIS lifetime, you pay a small monthly fee which includes everything. CAIM designed its ECDIS in order to guarantee a very simple installation, which can be performed by everyone, at no extra cost.
Our highly trained 24/7 support, which will be guaranteed free of charge, can help you solve all your issues.

Highly Trained
24/7 Support


Safe and

Pricing Plans


from $14
  • No Hardware costs
  • Dual compliant ECDIS
  • Automatic Synchronization
    with NaviGate
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 24/7 support
  • Training included


from $25
  • No Hardware costs
  • Dual compliant ECDIS
  • Automatic Synchronization
    with NaviGate
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 24/7 support
  • Training included
  • Required UKHO digital products included



CAIM’s ECDIS for your Back-Up

ECDIS is a more and more widespread solution for navigation. However, many vessels retain Paper Charts as a good solution for Emergency Situations, even if it is not mandatory.

CAIM helps your digital transition, replacing paper chart backup with an always up-to-date third ECDIS.

Advantages of ECDIS as Back-Up

The vessel can easily reach the nearest port or pilot station, without additional stress

Always up-to-date with your main navigational systems

Independent power supply. It works in case of failures

Save time and save money

CAIM’s solution includes UKHO digital products covering all your needs:

1. Up-to-date AVCS
2. Digital NtMs
3. ADP viewer (ADTT; ADLL, ADRS)
5. Digital IMO publications



Latest technologies and needs of the modern navigation leads to the birth of complex and really convincing simulator.

Modern marine simulators covers practically every aspect of modern ship operation including:

• Bridge operations
• Communications/GMDSS, VTS
• Engine Room
• Crisis Management / Fleet
• Formation Management
• Liquid Cargo handling
• Lifeboat operations
• Deck Helicopter operations

Simulators allow training in both standard procedures and emergencies, developing professional skills and consolidating previously obtained theoretical knowledge.