Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to provide an intuitive and customizable software that allows fleet optimization to reduce costs, risks, time, and environmental impacts. Furthermore, we can guarantee top-quality and convenience.
Our aim is to ensure safety, merge elegance with efficiency and stay at pace with technological innovations.

Our Vision is to keep listening to the industry needs and always be innovative, thanks to our development team. We aim to keep expanding together with Caim Group, allowing us to serve customers from more hubs.


  • Navigation Software, ECDIS900, and NaviGate by CAIM
  • Digital and Paper Charts & Publications
  • Marine Compliant and Safe Navigation
  • Nautical Equipment


  • 24/7 Reactive Customer Care Service
  • Worldwide Service Coordination
  • Customization to Clients’ Needs
  • In-House Developed Software
  • Fast Delivery Worldwide