About Us

Our History Dates Back to 1945

On the 14th of August 1945, after World War II, Master Giuseppe Messina and representatives of the Italian Navy founded C.A.I.M. (Cooperativa Armamento Imprese Marittime) to employ veterans, sailors, and the sons of fallen soldiers.

The first activities of CAIM were demining the Port of Genoa and the fitting of all vessel types.

As CAIM got more recognition within the industry, it started expanding and developed a department to fabricate and repair nautical instruments, such as compasses, sextants, graphometer, etc.

Its importance was also recognized in the department of mechanical ship repair with its workshops located in the Port of Genoa.
Later on, CAIM got representation for sale and the distribution of cartographic works issued by the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO), US Navy Hydrographic Office, and US Coast & Geodetic Survey. CAIM also started to represent many national and foreign manufacturers of electromechanical instruments. We proudly can say that in 1995, the Chamber of Commerce of Genoa gave CAIM recognition on the occasion of the 50th year of establishment of the cooperative.

Since then, CAIM has specialized to become one of the significant British Admiralty International Service Agents and distributors of the most important English and American Institutions of technical publications and nautical regulations.

Today, CAIM has expanded and opened offices in Miami and Singapore, making the company a leader in the market, one of the world’s largest International Chart Agents, and the sole agent for RINA publications (Registro Italiano Navale). Nowadays, being part of Caim Group, we deliver products and provide services worldwide from the various group’s hubs in Europe, America, and Asia.

CAIM, since 1945, allows the maritime industry to stay compliant with SOLAS, IMO, and ILO, among different naval regulations.

What We Offer

We are specialized in maritime solutions that help the navigator and shipping company have a safe and compliant voyage. Our solutions solve the voyage planning phases, from planning to executing and monitoring.