NaviLog- The New CAIM Digital Logbooks

Logbooks are in the master or officer’s daily routine as they contain compulsory information.

Throughout the years, logbooks have always been completed by handwriting. Here at CAIM, we found a solution and new way to manage logbooks on board by replacing the traditional with digital ones.

The data the system holds is accurate, making it a robust and trustworthy alternative to traditional paper logbooks. NaviLog is:

  • Approved by Lloyd’s Register for use solely onboard.
  • Easy To Use: it is intuitive and allows the user to access multiple logbooks in one place.
  • Reduced Administration: several logbooks must be stored for five years, occupying valuable storage space onboard. This system replaces all of them, helping with the elimination of courier timing and costs to get the logbooks onboard.
  • Accurate Logs: The system reduces human error by ensuring the data entered is legible and mistakes due to handwriting are avoided. The role-based access control ensures only those qualified to enter events to do so.

The approved Flag States are:

  • Australia
  • Cayman Islands
  • Denmark
  • The Netherlands
  • Isle Of Man
  • The Marshall Islands
  • Singapore
  • Bahamas
  • Cyprus
  • Gibraltar
  • Hong Kong
  • Malta
  • Norway

*Some flags require additional action from the shipping company

The strengths of our new system are:

  • Offline Preparation: there is no need for an internet connection to activate logbooks, nor to store the data uploaded on them.
  • Flexible System: to fit the specific needs and infrastructure on each vessel. It works either all on one computer, where the system and the collected data are stored together. Alternatively, it can be run on many computers and the collected data is stored on a server to give multiple access points.
  • Secure Role-Based Access: each user has a unique login and his allocated access rights. This ensures the correct person/people is/are approving logs in the logbooks. A PIN code can be set to make logging safer.
  • Vessel Particulars: only added once, so there is no need to input the same information for each logbook.
  • Accurate Audits: for auditing purposes, all data entered is saved in the history, even if the data is deleted. Deleted log entries are shown as crossed out, replacing a paper logbook.
  • Purchasing Logbooks: can be done by purchasing a one-year subscription for the pre-installed logbooks within the systems.

NaviLog is a great replacement for paper logbooks, allowing the user to be more accurate, adapt the digital logbooks to the vessel’s specifics, and to save storage room onboard.

NaviLog intuitive interface.

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