Tech Support Experience: discover the amazing nautical world

The current
navigational hi-tech is advanced, and it can be intimidating at times. Technology
is increasingly being employed within the maritime industry to minimize the
possible risk of human mistakes, resulting in more safe and efficient journey

In response
to this issue, the Yacht Club Italiano has organized a series of events to
answer questions and provide information on B&G, Lowrance, and Simrad
onboard equipment. CAIM will participate in this event series, ‘Tech
Support Experiences,’ available to all club members, in conjunction with
Navico, placing a technician at the participants’ disposal!

The event,
which starts tomorrow, is divided into the following days:

20th of April

4th of May

18th of May

1st of June.

The event
is organized mainly on pre-scheduled appointments to provide a structured and
fast service to anybody interested in the topic!

If you have
not reserved your space yet, please get in touch with us at so we can give you the request module!


Sharing our
passion for the sea and the nautical world, we hope to see you there and help
you with any inquiry or curiosity you have!

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