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CAIM helps you staying updated with the lastest maritime regulations: read more about NaviFlag!

Staying up-to-date with all maritime regulations is a crucial challenge for the shipping industry. If rules are not followed, companies might incur fines and penalties, other than damaging their public image.

CAIM has thought about a solution, NaviFlag, that allows companies to stay updated and compliant.

NaviFlag is a searchable database of frequently updated maritime regulations. It comprehends Flag States circulars, IMO, ILO, WHO, COSWP, DGS, PSC, and USCG regulations, piracy reports, and EU laws to provide an integrated regulatory solution.

NaviFlag interface is easy and intuitive: the Flag State of your vessel and the International one will show on the main page for you to access them. Within the chosen flag, you can immediately find the latest updates, and on the left-hand side, you can see the different regulations’ topics that can be consulted when you need to.

The concerned topics and regulations are searchable through the bar by inserting keywords related to whatever you want to research, and you can find them divided by category. Finding related documents between different sources is often a challenging task, but NaviFlag is the solution for accessing all relevant paperwork at your fingertips. By clicking on a specific rule, the “related document” and “related links” functions allow the user to identify any correlated document or link within the text, making it easier to consult connected sources.

The database is reliable as information is collected from various sources and bodies. NaviFlag can be used in your voyage plan’s appraisal and planning phases to make correct choices to avoid non-conformity. It can also be used during the execution as it is accessible from NaviGate onboard in offline mode and can help solve any doubt and double-check regulations.

The main advantages of having NaviFlag are:

  • Reducing human errors by having a fully updated database to find information

  • Time-saving, by consulting an all-inclusive database research time is reduced

  • Staying compliant at all times, planning the route accordingly to maritime regulations

  • Reducing risk of non-conformities and fines by staying compliant with latest maritime industry regulations

NaviFlag is available in two versions, web-based or embedded within NaviGate. The Online version has been created to be mainly used onshore and consulted from any device with an internet connection to be accessible anywhere; the NaviGate version allows users to access the database offline and onboard.

Both versions of NaviFlag are now available to purchase, and we are also working on sending periodic emails to keep you updated with the latest regulations from the maritime industry.

With NaviFlag, you can be at peace of mind, being fully compliant and updated at all times. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us!

NaviFlag Online (image by Gabriele Bricola)

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