What is sustainability for CAIM?

#Sustainability is the topic that everyone talks about. Here at #CAIM, we interpret it in its broad meaning, understanding that it is at the core of our values.

Everybody talks about sustainability: nowadays, it is well known that all of us must take action to counteract the problem of climate change. According to International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) third greenhouse research (GHG), in 2012, the maritime industry produced 938 Mt of CO2, corresponding to 2.6 percent of the worldwide Carbon dioxide emissions (Bouman et al., 2017). If no action is taken to reduce emissions, these could increase, leading to the incompletion of 2050 Paris agreement objectives (European Commission, n.d.).

To solve the problem, the European Commission developed a climate change plan in 2013 that consists of three steps:

  • Monitoring, reporting, and verification of CO2 emissions from big ships arriving at EU ports
  • Greenhouse gas reduction objectives for the marine transport industry
  • Additional medium to long-term initiatives, including market-based measures (European Commission 1, n.d.).

Sustainability concerns the environment and climate and touches all parts of life and living things. In the Brundtland Report, the United Nations defined “sustainable development” as growth that meets human needs without jeopardizing future generations’ ability to satisfy their necessities. As resources are not infinite, they should be used wisely to guarantee future generations can have enough while not reducing the current quality of life.

A sustainable society must be socially accountable, emphasizing environmental conservation and dynamic balance in human and natural systems (TWI, 2022).

CAIM understands the importance of being sustainable to protect diverse aspects of life ensure better living and equal rights to all-earth individuals. CAIM has at its core values sustainability concerning those main areas:

  • Social, treating our customers with respect and empathy while ensuring all employees have equal rights and feel part of a family-like business
  • Environmental, contributing to the market with products and services that help counteract the possible damages to the ecosystem. CAIM can support companies within the maritime industry with controlling CO2 emissions; thanks to offering the tools that allow the generation of an MRV report (complying with IMO regulations), companies can understand their environmental impact
  • Economic, ensuring the business is offering economic value while respecting the environmental, social, and cultural aspects

At CAIM, we try our best to respect sustainability principles and improve even more. We provide solutions that match our values and help the industry become more efficient and green. All of us can start today to take small steps towards cleaner solutions and better choices.



What do you do to be more sustainable?

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