New Edition UKHO Charts Week 45

693 Tanzania, Dar Es Salaam. 07/11/2019
2059 Baltic Sea, Gotland to Irbe Strait. 07/11/2019
2529 Scotland – West Coast, Outer Hebrides, Approaches to Stornoway. 07/11/2019
2807 United States – East Coast, Georgia – South Carolina, Savannah River and Approaches including Savannah. 07/11/2019
3231 Taiwan – West Coast, Hai-K’ou P’o-Ti to Chiu-Kang P’o-Ti. 07/11/2019


New Edition UKHO Publications Week 45

NP Title Date
NIL There will be no New Editions of Admiralty Publications published on 07th November 2019 NIL

New Edition UKHO Publications Available Now


NP Title Date
NP22 Bay of Biscay Pilot. Edition 2019 11/07/2019
NP76 ADMIRALTY List of Lights and Fog Signals Volume C 2019/20 Baltic Sea Including Kattegat, Belts and Sound. 11/07/2019
NP285 ADMIRALTY List of Radio Signals.

Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) 2019/20 Edition.

NP20 Baltic Pilot Volume 3 (14th Edition) 18/07/2019
NP203-20 ADMIRALTY Tide Tables, Volume 3, Indian Ocean (including Tidal Stream Tables). 2020 Edition. 18/07/2019
NP23 Bering Sea and Strait Pilot (Ninth Edition) 2019 25/07/2019
NP86 ADMIRALTY List of Lights and Fog Signals Volume N 2019/20 East Mediterranean and Black Seas. 01/08/2019
NP234B Cumulative List of Notices to Mariners – June 2019 08/08/2019
NP24 Black Sea and Sea of Azov Pilot. Sixth Edition 2019. 15/08/2019
NP204-20 ADMIRALTY Tide Tables, Volume 4 2020, South Pacific Ocean (including Tidal Stream Tables). 15/08/2019
NP48 ADMIRALTY Sailing Directions. Mediterranean Pilot Volume 4 (Eighteenth Edition) 2019 22/08/2019
GP100 ADMIRALTY Sailing Directions. Mediterranean Pilot Volume 4 (Eighteenth Edition) 2019 29/08/2019
NP79 ADMIRALTY Sailing Directions. Mediterranean Pilot Volume 4 (Eighteenth Edition) 2019 29/08/2019
NP72 Southern Barents Sea and Beloye More Pilot (Fourth Edition) 2019 05/09/2019
NP205-20 ADMIRALTY Tide Tables, Volume 5, South China Sea & Indonesia (including Tidal Stream Tables). 2020 Edition. 12/09/2019
NP286(4) ADMIRALTY List of Radio Signals.

Pilot Services, Vessel Traffic Services and Port Operations.

Indian sub-continent, South East Asia and Australasia. 2019/20 Edition.

NP25 British Columbia Pilot Volume 1 (Seventeenth Edition) 2019 19/09/2019
NP87 ADMIRALTY List of Lights and Fog Signals North part of South China and Eastern Archipelagic Seas, plus Western part of East China, Philippine and Yellow Seas, including Taiwan Strait and Eastern part of Gulf of Tonkin Volume P 2019/20 19/09/2019
NP44 Malacca Strait and West Coast of Sumatera Pilot (Fourteenth Edition) 2019. 03/10/2019
NP40 Irish Coast Pilot 10/10/2019
NP85 ADMIRALTY List of Lights and Fog Signals Volume M

2019-20 Western Side of North Pacific Ocean – excluding Western Parts of Philippine, East China and Yellow Seas.

NP206-20 ADMIRALTY Tide Tables, Volume 6, North Pacific Ocean (Including Tidal Stream Tables) 2020 Edition 10/10/2019
NP231 ADMIRALTY Guide to the Practical Use of ENCs. A comprehensive reference guide to assist ENC users gain a high level of understanding about the practical use of ENCs – Edition 3 (2019) 17/10/2019
NP8 Pacific Coasts of Central America and United States Pilot. Fifteenth Edition 2019. 24/10/2019



Miscellaneous Publications & CD Due To Be Published Shortly

Code Title Due Date
IJ260E International Maritime Solid Bulk Cargoes and Supplement, 2020 Edition November 2019
IA968E Guidelines on Fatigue, 2019 Edition November 2019
II970E GMDSS Manual, 2019 Edition November 2019
SEAM150-20 Guidance Manual for Tanker Structures – Consolidated Edition 2020 December 2019
WIT892-19 Passage Planning Practice, 2nd Edition 2019 November 2019
WIT893-19 Passage Planning Pinciples, 2nd Edition 2019 November 2019
BR102-20 Brown’s Nautical Almanac 2020 November 2019
TSO31A4 Code of Safe Working Practices – Amendment 4 2019 November 2019
TSO35-19 Merchant Shipping Notices – Consolidated 2019 November 2019
SHIP20 The Ship Atlas 2020 December 2019



Miscellaneous Publications & CD Now Available


Code Title Date
SEAM136-19 Drug Trafficking and Drug Abuse on Board Ship, 5th Edition 2019 02-04-2019
DA404E Model course: OPRC on CD Courses 4.01, 4.02, 4.03 and 4.04, 2019 Edition 10-05-2019
TB108E Model course: Radar Navigation at Management Level, 2019 Edition 10-05-2019
ICS/ISF27-19 Guidelines on The Application of ILO Maritime Labour Convention, 3rd Edition 2019 21-05-2019
IJ962E IAMSAR Manual: Volume III, 2019 Edition 29-05-2019
IA966E IAMSAR Manual: Volume III Action Cards, 2019 Edition 29-05-2019
NAU75 The Admiralty Manual of Navigation Vol.1: Principles of Navigation, 11th Edition 2019 01-06-2019
TA134E Model course: Automatic Identification Systems (AIS), 2019 Edition 11-06-2019
SEAM160-19 ECDIS Procedures Guide, 2019 Edition 14-06-2019
SEAM159-19 ECDIS Passage Planning & Watchkeeping, 2019 Edition 09-07-2019
TA134E Model course: LNG Cargo Tanker & Ballast Handling Simulator, 2019 Edition 26-07-2019
SEAM.49-19 The Ice Navigation & Seamanship Handbook, 2019 Edition 31-07-2019
SEAM161-19 Passage Planning Guidelines, 2019 Edition 08-08-2019
SEAM142-19 Passage Planning Guide-English Channel, Dover Strait & Southern North Sea, 2019 Edition 08-08-2019
IJ960E IAMSAR Manual: Volume I, 2019 Edition 31-08-2019
IG961E IAMSAR Manual: Volume II, 2019 Edition 31-08-2019
T715E Model course: Electro-Technical Rating, 2019 Edition 02-09-2019
IJ960E IAMSAR Manual: Volume I, 2019 Edition 18-09-2019
IG961E IAMSAR Manual: Volume II, 2019 Edition 18-09-2019
AHP20 Mariners Handbook Australian Waters, 2019 01-10-2019
I666E IMO 2020: Consistent Implementation of MARPOL Annex VI 01-10-2019
SEAM130-19 The ECDIS Manual, 2nd Edition 2019 04-10-2019
IH927E Ships’ Routeing, 2019 Edition 14-10-2019
HMSO.1 Ship Captains Medical Guide, 2019 Edition 15-10-2019
SEAM143-19 A Guide to the Vetting Process, 13th Edition 2019 16-10-2019
T716E Model Course: Ratings as Able Seafarer Engine, 2019 Edition 04-11-2019



New Manuals & Log Books


IHM Inventory Log Book

SCBA Record Book

Ballast Water Management Plan


Emergency Towing Booklet

Mooring System Management Plan + Mooring Line Management Plan

Plans & Procedures for the Recovery of Persons from the Water

Polar Code

Ship’s Sanitation Control Procedures

Ship’s Safety & Training Record Book (SSTRB)

Ship to Ship Operations Plan

USA Vessel General Permit (VGP)

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) Plan

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