In the summer of 2010, the IMO passed amendments to STCW that introduce a number of requirements to ECDIS training not previously made mandatory. Starting January 2012 these new mandatory competency requirements for training will come into force. In addition to this OCIMF has made it a mandatory requirement for their members (VIQ/tanker ships) that bridge officers should undergo equipment specific ECDIS familiarization training.

CAIM, in cooperation with the ACMA Enterprise STCW Approved Training Center, provides a ‘flag-state’ approved ECDIS. This course teaches the navigator to get the most out of their equipment and particularly familiarizes the user with using traditional navigational methods on the ECDIS.

Training can be divided into two fundamental courses:

  • STCW ECDIS Generic Course (40 hours, 5 days)
  • ECDIS Type-Specific Course (1 day)

STCW ECDIS Generic Course, performed according to the IMO Model Course 1.27 (The Operational Use Of Electronic Chart Display And Information System – ECDIS), shows the trainee how to safely navigate by using ECDIS, including:

  • Concept & Capability
  • Familiarisation
  • Principal Types of Electronic Chart
  • Legal Aspects
  • ECDIS Data
  • Additional Information & Manual Corrections
  • Defining Safe Water
  • Limiting Danger Lines & Clearing Bearings
  • Presentation of Data
  • Route Planning
  • Route Monitoring
  • Chart Updating
  • Sensors
  • Errors & Alarms
  • Voyage Data Recording
  • Backup Systems
  • Confined Waters Planning
  • Fixing

ECDIS Type-Specific Course has been designed for trainees who have completed ECDIS Generic Course IMO Model 1.27 and now require equipment specific training. The course has been designed for Officers and other persons with navigational responsibilities to familiarize with the menu structure and practical use on the actual ECDIS equipment to cement understanding.

As MARIS accredited distributor and installer, CAIM provides ECDIS Type-Specific Course directly onboard.

We can also provide CBT (Computer Based Training) Modules covering all functions that a MARIS ECDIS operator must be able to demonstrate on the relevant ECDIS equipment in question to be IMO and ISM compliant.