CAIM has a wide range of “ready-on-stock” paper publications from various international institutional suppliers including worldwide coverage of British Admiralty Publications:

  • Sailing Directions
  • Radio Signals
  • List of Lights
  • Tide/Current Tables
  • Admiralty Collection
  • Distance Tables
  • Admiralty Astronomical Almanacs
  • IMO publications (conventions, recommendations, codes, etc.)

CAIM is the Sole Appointed Agent for all R.I.N.A. Publications.

Top service for management of Admiralty Publications is the ‘CAIM Binder Service’. This system allows the mariners to reduce the burden of work that the manual correction of the Admiralty List of Lights and List of Radio Signals brings.

The service supplies weekly replacement pages for the publications that are initially supplied in binder format. The replacement pages are supplied as brand-new corrected pages already perforated to fit into the binder.

Some of the above mentioned traditional paper publications produced by the UKHO and the IMO are also available in electronic format (for a full overview please visit the digital publication section).