CAIM can provide your new build with a tailored library of nautical charts and publications to ensure that your vessel is in full compliance for inspection purposes.

Based on the following information:

  • Ship Type
  • Flag State
  • Company Safety Management Procedures as required by ISM
  • Trading routes

we provide the new built vessel with the initial stock of up-to-date supply along with a customized correction log, presented in our binder format for monitoring of new editions and ISM compliance.

Transit Folios

CAIM can offer for a number of new buildings a separate transit folio which can be used by the vessel to transit from the shipyard to its assigned trading area. The same transit folio will be maintained until required by subsequent units.


CAIM is also the proper partner to ensure your new built vessel is leaving the shipyard fully compliant by fulfilling the required marine safety equipment to the IMO standards (life saving, personal protection, signage, training posters, flags, etc.). On request we also offer the chartroom kit containing all essential charting and navigation tools.

Electronic Charts and Digital Publications

Our digital department of skilled professionals can support you in the right choice of electronic charts to accompany the crew toward the e-Navigation era by safely reducing paper charts. Along with it we also supply and manage digital publications produced by the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office and the International Maritime Organization.