CAIM is the Italian partner of MARIS, a Grieg Group company.

CAIM ECDIS solution, in cooperation with MARIS, is a ‘One-stop-Shop’ where you can find hardware supply and installation, official electronic charts and traditional charts supply, license management, updates and training.

Our goal is to assist the mariner to:

  • Ensuring safe passage
  • Improve efficiency
  • Save fuel
  • Reduce operating costs


MARIS ECDIS900 is the first ECDIS in the world to receive a Type Approval Certificate (Wheelmark) using a Flat Panel Computer (FPC). The MARIS SmartLine is the only FPC Certified to IEC 60945 for use onboard ships. ECDIS900 forms the basis of the e-Navigator Planning Station designed in cooperation with the UKHO.

The MARIS ECDIS900 is an extremely powerful navigation and information display system enabling Radar video and complete ARPA functionality. This combined with display of AIS data provides the professional mariner with the complete navigational situation on one display eliminating the need to reference and appraise information from multiple sources – charts, navigational sensors, Radar, ARPA, etc.

Key Benefits:

  • Total navigation situation appraisal on one fully integrated display in accordance with IMO/IEC requirements for Integrated Navigation Systems
  • Powerful decision support and information tool;
  • Greatly reduces workload in the production of Voyage Plans, ETA’s and rapid changes to these;
  • Operates with all major chart formats;
  • Interfaces to a large variety of navigation sensors;
  • The first ECDIS with simple, low cost, update and maintenance of charts via e-mail through MARIS server;
  • selection of hardware options enabling ease and flexibility of installation on new buildings and sailing ships;
  • fuel saving;
  • user-friendly man machine operation with ‘built-in’ user manual and online help.

MARIS ECDIS900 integrated with VDR/SVDR

Maritime Information Systems AS introduced the world’s first type approved VDR and SVDR with optional ECDIS in 2005 providing, in addition to the recorded data required under IEC 61996, recording of the complete logbook database in ECDIS.

Voyage Decision System (VDS)

The VDS project is built around the MARIS ECDIS900 and served by the Maritime Digital Services (MDS) platform, which is also the base technology upon which the UKHO’s e-Navigator offering is based. The VDS is comprised of five different modules whose titles offer an idea of its wide-ranging functionality: Voyage Planning 6 Weather Routeing, Active Sea-keeping, a regulatory Module, Commercial Elements and Fleet Management System.

Updated either via broadband or by e-mail, the VDS is designed to ensure that navigators themselves can take the necessary decision to ensure efficient vessel operation, minimize fuel consumption and thus limit CO2 and Green house Gas emissions. In addition the VDS Fleet Management tool will provide a comprehensive system for office use aimed at organizing the entire fleet operation in an efficient way.