The CAIM web based Chart Management Service (CMS) has been designed in years of dedicated service to SOLAS shipping industry to enhance safe and efficient navigation and save both time and money. All services can be delivered via satellite broadcast, the web or email and it’s guaranteed by our 24/7 Support Desk.

CMS is a fully automated and editable navigational data management system offering the mariner the latest weekly updates and navigational data from UKHO’s NTMs and Tracings, digital publications (List of Lights, Total tide and Radio Signals), Admiralty AVCS and any other electronic chart updates, all based on CAIM’s web site.

CMS is designed to be used for customized database of navigational data in order for the vessel to only receive tracings and updates relevant to its charts outfit and intended voyages thus reducing the file sizes and keeping the communication costs at minimum.

CMS is a ‘hardware, installation and maintenance-free’ solution for your fleet’s outfit management.