Marine Solutions, since 1945

Marine Solutions, since 1945

CAIM is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company, one of the most important International Admiralty Chart Agents and sole agents for RINA publications (Registro Italiano Navale).

We align marine solutions with our values that stand at the heart of all operations. We aim to put our customers at the core of our strategy by offering prompt tailored support 24/7 to help solve every urgent challenge.

With offices globally, located close to the most important ports, in Genoa, Miami, and Singapore, we can serve customers from different locations.

We are now part of Caim Group, and through its various hubs in Europe, America and Asia, we are able to supply and service customers worldwide.


CAIM guarantees compliance with international, national, and local rules, SOLAS, MARPOL, IMO, ILO, and Flag-State. Paper or digital, CAIM provides the maritime industry with all necessary to stay in conformity with the latest industry regulations.


CAIM’s solutions are thought to guarantee safety and mitigate risks. Crew and passengers’ protection are at the heart of a well-functioning strategy: with CAIM, you can plan and monitor accordingly to guarantee a safe and efficient voyage.


The maritime industry welcomes sustainable practices, and governments aim to decarbonize the sector. Staying up-to-date with all new rules in force is a challenge: CAIM helps with this process by offering solutions to comply.

Risk Reduction

Compliance with maritime regulations reduces risks of accidents, damages, potential fines and repair costs. With our solutions, we ensure peace of mind and a compliant voyage: all the regulations are embedded within your platform.

Decreased Workload Hours

CAIM solutions help with all the phases of the voyage planning. Work hours are reduced because the software and database let the user create, in a shorter time, accurate voyages compliant with regulations.


Since 1945, here at CAIM, we provide products and services to the maritime industry, helping seafarers navigate efficiently and safely.


We are ISO 9001:2015 approved, IQNet certified, Bureau Veritas certified for Low Location Lights measurements and we apply a Quality Management System.


We are passionate about the maritime sector, provide services globally and we aim to expand more, to guarantee safer and more efficient voyages.

Customer Care

Customers are at the core of our strategy. We offer prompt tailored, 24/7 support to help solve any urgent problem.

We are Authorized Distributors

CAIM is the technical agent for some of the most important suppliers and services operators.

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